Please allow us to introduce to the talented and hilarious Kathaleen. Kathaleen decided it was time for something new after piloting her beloved Infiniti for years. While she was definitely ready for something else, she had no clue what that something else would be. After a thorough consultation, we had a pretty good idea of what it would take to make Kathaleen happy. We would most certainly need to bring our A game and that’s precisely what we did. We found an AWESOME Kia Sportage loaded up with super low miles on the clock in her area. It was love at first sight. She scored an awesome car for an amazing discounted priced and drove off into the sunset.

Several months of happy driving went by until August of last year. Kathaleen like some other Automodeals clients lost her vehicle and home to Harvey. It was most certainly a devastating time. We ensured all of our clients that we would help make them whole again. The very least that we could do was provide our services to them at no cost to secure a replacement vehicle. We knew finding a replacement vehicle for Kathaleen would be taxing. The last one was SO PERFECT! It had everything she wanted. Low miles. Priced well below the budget. It was it. Add in the depleted inventories in the south and we had a real conundrum. That is, until it wasn’t.

We found an awesome replacement Sportage that actually had a few extra goodies on it. The problem? It was overpriced and over our budget. All the stops were pulled out and we were able to get a great discount for Kathaleen to make this new beauty fit her budget. What’s even better is that because we got such a great deal on Kathaleen’s first car, she got a check back from her insurance company as it was worth more than what she owed.

Being taken advantage of was one of Kathaleen’s biggest fears. Wasting lots of time was the second. We took both of these and made them a thing of the past. Kathaleen thank you again for allowing us to serve you.

The top image is Kathaleen’s first Sportage and the bottom the second and better one :-).