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When I moved back to the States, I desperately needed a car but had no time to dedicate towards shopping around. Chris was referred to me by a mutual friend and I decided to give his service a try. He took my preferences and immediately presented me with a list of great options. When I decided leasing was not for me, he graciously went back to square one and helped me select and buy a pre-owned car. Chris was able to save me a total of $6,000! He was always friendly and available. I definitely recommend working with Automodeals to find your next car.


The process was extremely easy, service reasonably priced and we saved a lot more money than we would have if we did this ourselves. Chris knows the business and was quick to respond to all of our questions. I will use this service again.

Nebojsa Kostic

I have purchased cars for the last 50 years of my life and each time it was a pain in my ass. I heard about Chris from a coworker who knew I was in the market for a new car and I hesitated initially. It all sounded too good to be true. I remember sitting there being blown away after our first call by his professionalism, level of knowledge, and respect. Chris found exactly what I wanted and I never felt pressured. He presented my options and answered all of my questions. This is the first time I have ever had an excellent experience buying a car and he’s got a customer for life. Thanks Chris!

Pat Menura

I can’t say enough good things about Chris. He was very honest with me throughout the entire process and very knowledgeable about my truck. I felt like I had the upper hand. Not one time did I have to contact the dealer or follow up with Chris as he was two steps ahead of me. I took delivery of my F-150 the same week as I was in a time crunch since my last truck was totaled. While I’m not that prestigious, the deal was and I know I would not have been able to get the same. I’m happy to have Chris and Automodeals in my pocket.

Richard M

I have driven the same FJ Cruiser for the past 7 years and was very nervous at the idea of getting something new, but really wanted a change. I mentioned to Chris that I wanted a Cadillac CTS coupe, but I had no idea what a good deal would be, what options there were, or what I should be mindful of when looking at pre-owned vehicles. Chris took all of the stress from me and did the heavy lifting to find the best deal for what I was looking for, and within my budget. I am SO glad that he was there to help me through this process, find the perfect CTS with the specs that I didn’t even know that I wanted with a deal that we could not pass up. I absolutely LOVE my new car and the service that Chris provided to me. He is truly a professional that takes his business seriously and keeps his customers’ best interest at heart through the entire process. I will never buy another car again without his help! Thank you SO much for making this process simple.

Brittanni Below

I was in the market for the Volvo XC60 or the BMW X3. Chris explained the advantages and disadvantages of both and helped me to make a decision based on what I needed. I get such high anxiety when I work with dealers and the whole process of buying a car makes me sick to my stomach. Chris made my nightmare a dream come true. I mean he seriously handled every single thing and answered all of my questions. I was very surprised by just how quickly he was able to locate the Volvo I wanted and he never missed a beat. I saved over $5,000, time, and my nerves. I was in and out in under 20 minutes.

I won’t ever buy a car again without Automodeals.

Sandra S

Purchasing a car is a difficult thing for me. My father always purchased my car and brought it home. Well, I am glad to know Chris because he was able to do the same. I told him my interest and within 36 hours I had a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Because Toyota was ending production of the FJ finding one let alone getting a deal was difficult. Chris accomplished both tasks and for that I am forever grateful. I always purchased a car because I needed one now I was able to purchase a car I WANTED! Thanks Chris!

Joseph K. Plumbar

When I first heard about Automodeals, I wondered why in the world I didn’t think of something like this. Chris is simply amazing and a real people person. My husband and I were comparing two different vehicles and Chris offered unbiased information on both in our consultation. He even told us about features we did not know the BMW offered and we felt very at ease with him instead of working with a dealer. Chris located the exact vehicle we were looking for in 42 hours and provided us with all the market information we needed. Without hesitation we agreed on the final figures with the dealer and our X5 was delivered the next day. We have recommended Automodeals to all of our friends and family in the market and won’t ever by a car the old fashioned way again. We love our prestigious deal.

Emily R

Chris provided us with the best car buying experience! We won’t buy another car without him. He is very responsive and knowledgeable about the car industry. He got us an amazing discount on the new vehicle and a great value for my trade. We highly recommend working with Chris to save yourself time and money! Thank you!

Tammy P

I am now the proud owner of a H1 Hummer. I have always wanted one and finally decided to pull the trigger this year but didn’t know how to go about getting a good deal on one. I was at a dinner talking cars to a colleague and he mentioned Automodeals and his experience with Chris. Initially I was a bit apprehensive but after checking the website, reviews, and speaking with Chris, I was put completely at ease. He is a true professional and quite bright. He tracked down what I wanted in less than a week. Chris, I’ve told a lot of people about your business and you’re now the gold standard.



Richard LeBlanc

This was the third time I purchased a car and by far has been the best! Mr. West was sooo helpful and made my car purchase experience easy.
At first I was skeptical about using automodeals but Mr. West answered all my questions and concerns I had at the beginning all the way until the end of my purchase. There was no pressure in utilizing his services once I made the first contact with him. He provided me with great customer service which also made it easy for me to ask him questions about the car I had in mind. He also saved me lots of time in searching what I wanted in my Toyota XSE in addition to saving me money. I highly recommend his services for the best car purchasing experience!
Thank you Mr. West!

Isela Rodriguez

The very best car buying experience I have ever had and there have been many! Chris is just amazing at putting together a super deal that is exactly what you want, at the price you want with no hassle whatsoever! He is so courteous , kind and patient to make sure every detail is exactly what you want. He saved me thousands hassle free. . Very professional and worth every penny!! I will recommend him to everyone I know. Definitely will never buy traditional way again.
Thanks Chris

Carolyn Ullrich

I am the type of person who keep cars forever and despise going the dealership. But Chris has made purchasing a car as easy as 1,2,3. Chris knew the answer to my questions before I even asked. He stayed in constant contact with me and it only took 5 days to get me in the car I wanted, and that’s only because of the weekend and they had to ship the car. He was always professional and courteous and he saved me thousands on my brand new 2017 Mercedes Benz GLC 300. Thank you Chris!


EMPOWERED! That is the feeling I received from working with Chris and the Automodeals team. Car dealers seem to always have the upper hand on consumers during the car buying process. Having Chris on my team put me at ease by leveling the playing field. Leveraging Chris’ knowledge and expertise was not only a money saver for my family, but a stress saver for me. Having Chris as our “car agent” was one of the best decisions my family has ever made and I will definitely you his services in the future.

Alvin Odom

My experience with Automodeals was amazing. I have always feared buying cars because those guys are sharks and I don’t really know what to do to get a good deal. After working with Chris, I was in my new Mazda 6 within 48 hours and it was so easy. He really has a gift of making people feel comfortable and I won’t ever buy another car without him again. His fee is nothing compared to the savings I received and the time I didn’t waste agonizing and being harassed.

Tracy M

Chris is fantastic to work with – I couldn’t ask for a better experience. With two kids under 4 in the house there was no time for me to engage in the grueling car buying process. Enter Automodeals. Chris led us to the perfect car and got us a great deal when what we wanted became available. I would highly recommend Automodeals to anyone looking to make their life easy! Thanks again!

Evan Melcher

Car buying has always been SUCH a pain, and I know I suck at negotiating. I was excited to discover Chris and his services, but was worried that he wouldn’t want to be bothered with a non-luxury car purchase. WRONG! He helped me get a sweet deal on a beautiful, decked out Kia Sorrento, and just made the whole process painless. Chris is a consummate professional, and treated me with courtesy, respect and humor. I’ll never buy another car without using his service!


My wife and I just had the best car buying experience! Chris showed to be professional, responsive and efficient. He handled every single detail along the way which made the entire process stress-free. I’ll never buy a car again without using his services and have already recommended him to a few family members.


So lets just say that without Chris I couldn’t have obtained the car I’ve been yearning to drive for the past 2 years. Chris is a magician when it comes to making things happen. I can’t thank him enough for my M2 and will think of him with each and every smile this car brings. Just writing about my new car makes me want to go for a ride. Thanks Chris, you ROCK

Jim Bell

I took delivery of my new Hyundai Genesis last month and I echo the comments above. I was referred to Automodeals by my sister because I was in the market for something new. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted but Chris was able to narrow down my best options and I chose the Genesis. Let me tell you this. He is very knowledgable about his product regardless of the type of vehicle. Chris saved me a significant amount of money on the Genesis and I have been singing his praises all around town. I spent 10 minutes in the dealership signing my documents and drove away. In 50+ years of buying cars, I have never experienced such an amazing experience. Save yourself the trouble and choose Automodeals.

Sandra McKinney

Concierge-level service seems to be the general rule for every client at Automodeals. Because of a hectic schedule, Chris even arranged for my vehicle purchase to take place at my home. The vehicle was delivered to my home in exquisite condition and full of gas. It doesn’t get any higher level than this. Thank you, Chris. You have my loyalty (and the loyalty of several friends who have been amazed by your service). E.M.

Eric McLaughlin

Using Automodeals is the best decision we could have made when buying a new car. I could not have imagined a better experience. Chris was extraordinarily knowledgeable, hardworking, and responsive. We were looking for a 2017 Pilot of a particular trim and color combination. This was much harder to find than you would think. Chris put in a ton of work over 8 months, kept us consistently informed the whole time, and ultimately got us an amazing deal! When we were done, I asked for a stack of his cards so I could give them out to anyone looking for a car. Chris and Automodeals get the highest recommendation I can give. I don’t plan on buying another car without his help!

Aaron Russell

I heard about Automodeals from a friend and decided to look into using them to buy my next car. Being on a limited budget, I was somewhat hesitant as I assumed this type of service would only be for expensive new cars. After my initial conversation with Chris, he was very warm and killed my assumption. I was after a used A4 with the premium plus package but front wheel drive in light gray. I admit that before contacting Automodeals , I went to a local dealer to purchase on my own and it ended with me walking away from the table upset. The consultation with Chris was spectacular. He delivered and I am super happy with Automodeals. The service is top notch. I was chauffeured to the dealer in a private car and whisked straight to the back to sign papers and drive. I was there no more than 30 minutes but spent hours at a dealer before on my own.

Amy V

Dream come true is what Automodeals is to me. I read about it in a Facebook group and instantly felt intrigued to learn more. Initially like everyone else, I thought “too good to be true!” I was very wrong. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted but knew I wanted a small SUV. Chris sent over some suggestions along with specs on each and helped me narrow down my options. I had lots of questions and Chris never grew tired of answering them. I decided on a beautiful RDX and it was the easiest thing I have ever done. I had a tight deadline and Chris made it happen with no stress. I saved so much money and most importantly my time. I was in and out of the dealer in under an hour which has never happened to me before. If you’re reading this and wondering if using Automodeals is worth it, IT IS WORTH IT!


I recently bought an acura through Chris and his company. He handled everything for me and answered all my questions. Chris never got frustrated with me and my questions and was very professional in his actions. All I had to do was sign the papers. Thanks Chris.

patrick ullrich

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